For specific research project, I am trained and have experience in:

* Searching for a  literature review on a specific topic, and article retrieval.

* Running quantitative surveys

* Running qualitative focus groups

* Secondary analysis of already-gathered statistics

* Coding for qualitative data, especially useful when multiple coders are needed for the purpose of comparing
inter-rater reliability

In all cases, I am available for hire to those who have any ethical reason for the research other than class
assignments. For class assignments in which people are getting credit for the work done, then of course those
getting the credit must do the work. For tutoring in such classes, my charge is $50 per hour.

My primary work is statistics consulting on dissertation projects; for information on that set of services,
click here.

Rachel M. MacNair,  Ph.D.
811 East 47th Street
Kansas City,  MO 64110                                                                
Voice: (816)753-2057



$75.00 per hour (rounded to the next quarter-hour)
for a running tab, to be invoiced at either around the 5-hour point or when there's a break in the need for services

$198.00 for up to three hours if paid in advance, a 10% discount; especially popular with those on a tight budget

$112.50 per hour rush job rate
Rush job means:
A tight deadline of one week or less (this can be waived if I would have gotten to it that quickly anyway);
Direct telephone calls to me when no previous appointment was made (not counting initial inquiries);
Telephone appointments on Sunday afternoon.
(I am not available at all on Saturdays or Sunday mornings.)

For phone appointments, the clock starts at the time of the appointment, and a minimum of a quarter-hour is
charged for a missed appointment.

Late fee: $20.00 for each full 30 days after invoice.

                                                                         Payment Options

For speedy payments:

To use a credit card, go to, select the "Send Money" tab, and follow directions.

The e-mail address for paying by credit card, or paying from another PayPal account, or sending an e-check is:


Paper Check:

Make check payable to Rachel MacNair and send to:

Rachel M. MacNair,  Ph.D.                                           
811 East 47th Street
Kansas City, MO 64110